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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Incorporated in 1969, The Foundation for the Study of American Yoga maintains an educational center located in Bovina Center, NY, for the continued development, practice, and teaching of American Yoga: a synthesis of various forms of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, alignment, tension-releasing exercises, and breathing techniques. Our secluded 130 acre mountain-top property, buildings, and meditation rooms are open for those interested in working with the practices utilized here. Solitary meditation hermitages are available on the property for experienced practitioners seeking to partake in retreats.


Autumn/Winter 2020-Classes at the American Yoga Foundation (AYF) :


Saturdays– 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Call: Lori Lano or Bruce Lano 607-832-4349, 607-832-4343  Private sessions available upon appointment.

Masks, and social distance. Wear comfortable clothing.



Sundays– 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Call: Gus Lightheart 607-832-4405, 607-832-4343

Masks, and social distance. Wear comfortable clothing.


Remembering Geronimo

Geronimo Sands – James Lonigro- 12/23/40- 5/27/20

Troubadour, Trooper and Trumpeter: Geronimo graced many lives. Meeting him at the American Yoga Foundation in the late 1970’s was to be bowled-over with exaggeration, excess, smiles, winks and groans. Geronimo knew his path was devotion to the “Guru”, Monica Lind-Hathaway, and the teachings. He brought his understanding of mindfulness and body work to his multiple roles of actor, teacher, writer and artistic director and owner of Priscilla Beach Theater in Plymouth, Ma. and Board Director of The American Yoga Foundation. For a detailed description of Geronimo’s life see: https://plymouth.wickedlocal.com/news/20200530/priscilla-beach-theatre-artistic-director-and-former-owner-geronimo-sands-dies-at-79

Geronimo staged Monica’s writings, “Because You Were Born”, in
wonderful evenings of movement and poetry at Priscilla Beach Theater.

Geronimo as Troubadour: He performed as Walt Whitman, in “Tuesdays with Morrie” and as Carl Sandburg. He made the message of “Little Word, Little White Bird” by Carl Sandburg, passionately his own.
As Trooper: We watched him perform in extreme pain (later diagnosed as a gallstone attack) in “The Fantasticks” on Off-Broadway. The show must go on!
As Trumpeter: His sonorous-Ronald Colman-voice proclaimed the teachings: May the Ender of Suffering Be Victorious!
And as Friend: He encouraged us to perform, practice and LOVE!

And Love back to you, Geronimo!

From the Little White Bird:
      I am done,
      I have finished.
      I give you the little white bird—
      And my thanks for your hearing me—
             And my prayers for you,
             My deep silent prayers