American Yoga Foundation

With Much Gratitude

The teachers at the American Yoga Foundation are unpaid volunteers. All contributions are allocated to the annual operating budget for maintaining and sustaining our organization. By clicking the PayPal Donate button below you can securely contribute a tax-deductable gift, which is welcome and needed. Thank you!

We would like to wholeheartedly thank the following people for their assistance and generosity towards maintaining the Foundation for the Study of American Yoga.

Benefactors:$1000 & More
Monica Lind Hathaway
Harmon & Brenda W. Hathaway
Dr. Michael Cook
Michael C. Karlovich
Bruce & Lori Lano
Gus Lightheart
Dr. Marion Perkus
William Stenz
Susan Rochmis
Joe Hewitt
Renee Bala Pelletier
Maryse Abhaya Pelletier
Shauna & Mark Ray
Christen Callahan
Gillian Grey
In memory of Loretta T. Walsh
Kathleen Ruggiero
Harmony Hill Retreat Center
Sigrid Junkerman
Tamar Rogoff
Jo & JoAnn Chmielowski
Gerald Perkus
Lisa Edmunds
Friends: $99 & under
Marguerite & Steve Bower
Will Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Chastain
Berthilde & Harold Haas
Adrian & Wendy Laffitte
Sharyn Murray
Stephen Stepka
Randy Usmen
Tyler Edwards
Lilly Lei
Dora Levakis
Myra & Marty Foland
Arthur Gittleman