American Yoga Foundation

Internship Opportunities

Internship description:

The successful candidates will learn the fundamentals of American Yoga, which was developed for people who grew up and were culturally conditioned in America. Training will center on body work/alignment, mindfulness meditation, and required reading*.
Interns will engage in Karma Yoga and in exchange for the lessons and workshops they receive, interns will be expected to perform work around The Foundation property, which might involve groundskeeping/landscaping/gardening, building maintenance, constructing and/or repairing rock walls, and other chores, typically under the guidance of an experienced adult.

Ideally, interns will be able to learn about American Yoga, read from ancient and modern textbooks on related topics, and compare these to what they have learned in college courses, adding a practical dimension to the intellectual stimulation realized in their college classes.

Presented by:

Augustus Lightheart, Lori Lano, Bruce Lano, Bill Stenz, and Susan Rochmis


This is an unpaid internship: Participate in exchange for hands-on experience and training. Lodging is available - suggested donation should be negotiated between Yoga Foundation and the candidate. Length of internship will determine cost.


Must be 18-years-old or older. Preferred areas of study: Eastern Religions, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology or a related major.

Work hours: 25-40 hours/week

Program lengths: Students can choose to partake in 2, 3, or 4 week long residential internships

Contact: BRUCE or LORI LANO, 607-832-4349

Testimonials from previous interns

Stan's testimonial: Ever since I came home from the American Yoga Foundation, I've felt greater than I have ever felt in my life. As soon as my parents saw me, they immediately noticed the drastic changes to my body. I have more energy, and I also sleep better at night. I also noticed that I do actually feel taller. I also have found that since leaving the foundation, I am more comfortable inside of my own skin now that I am more attuned to my body. Overall, now that I have had some time to reflect on what I've learned and how far I've come, I can appreciate everything that you guys have taught me even more. Getting back into the "real world" has shown me the true benefits of our practice. I can't wait to introduce this to other people so that they can feel as great as I do!

Mike's testimonial: The American Yoga Foundation is a blessing in my life. The teachings offered are timeless and in my perspective miraculous. No belief system or faith is needed. The American Yoga Foundation has provided me the conditions to create my own path of self work. The property itself allows me to feel more grounded,in tune with the moment, and open to reality. It is difficult to put into words the experience that can be obtained through practicing body work and mindfulness. The only way I can truly describe my experience with the American Yoga Foundation is that it has changed my body, mind, and spirit in profoundly positive ways.

Dan's testimonial: My stay at the American Yoga Foundation was one of the most important experiences of my life to date. The environment created few distractions from the work, and the teachers there were full of wisdom that they were more than happy to share with me. The practice of body alignment helped me figure out how to stay in touch with the body and stay grounded at all times, making me more aware of the body’s various tensions and stresses and allowing me to work them out when I find them. They even taught me how to maintain alignment in daily activities, so I can stay aware even amongst the distractions of everyday life. My posture also changed significantly over those weeks, and when I came back home some of my friends and family noticed that I was looking much healthier. Not surprising considering that this period was the most genuine, joyful, and developmental time of my life. But the American Yoga Foundation did not change me; it gave me the space and the tools I needed to change myself, regardless of where I am. And a simple testimonial only scratches the surface of the American Yoga experience. This course taught me things that I will never forget.