Summer Internship

Internship description:

The successful candidates will learn the fundamentals of American Yoga, which was developed for people who grew up and were culturally conditioned in America. Training will center on body work/alignment, mindfulness meditation, and required reading.
Interns will engage in Karma Yoga and in exchange for the lessons and workshops they receive, interns will be expected to perform work around The Foundation property, which might involve groundskeeping/landscaping/gardening, building maintenance, constructing and/or repairing rock walls, and other chores, typically under the guidance of an experienced adult.

Ideally, interns will be able to learn about American Yoga, read from ancient and modern books on related topics, and compare these to what they have learned in college courses, adding a practical dimension to the intellectual stimulation realized in their college classes.

Presented by:

Augustus Lightheart, Lori Lano, Bruce Lano, Bill Stenz, and Susan Rochmis


This is an unpaid internship: Participate in exchange for hands-on experience and training. Lodging is available – suggested donation should be negotiated between Yoga Foundation and the candidate. Length of internship will determine cost.


Must be 18-years-old or older. Preferred areas of study: Eastern Religions, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology or a related major.

Work hours: 25-40 hours/week

Program lengths: Students can choose to partake in 2, 3, or 4 week long residential internships

Dates: Start date flexible – typically between June and August

Contact: Lori Lano, 607-832-4349, email